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How Do I Know If I Have a Bad Alternator? Part One

It is easy for a mechanic to tell you that your alternator is bad and that it will cost several hundred dollars to repair it. Before you turn over the money and tell the mechanic to do the job, you may want to find out if the mechanic is telling the truth or if your alternator is actually working the way that it is supposed to. It does not take a degree in auto mechanics to learn how to tell if an alternator is bad, and you do not have to know how to actually replace it yourself. You just have to know what to look for. Signs of a Bad Alternator The first sign that the alternator may be bad is the easiest to tell. The car won’t start. The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery in the car while the engine is running. If it is not working, the battery will be drained and that means the car will not start. If you try to start your car and all you hear is a clicking sound, the alternator is one of the possible culprits. The only ... read more



When Should I Replace My Struts? Part Two

When a person takes their car in to a mechanic for something that they think is simple, they may soon find out that they have a myriad of things that the mechanic wants to fix like changing a strut or the shocks. Most people rely on their mechanic to give them information that is accurate and correct. They hope that if their mechanic is telling them that something needs to be fixed, that they are being told the truth. That is the hope of people, but it is also the reason that many people spend their life trying to find a mechanic they can trust. The opinion of the mechanic that it is time to replace the struts could be based more on their hope of making money than in providing good service to their customer. How to Check Your Struts and Shocks The solution to this problem is to know how to check the struts and the shocks on your own. Most cars do not need to replace their struts or shocks unless there is a problem. The problem can of ... read more



When Should I Replace My Struts? Part One

Many car owners probably have no idea what a strut is. The struts and the shocks combine to support the suspension of the car and provide the riders in the car with a smooth and balanced ride. Without these in place, the people in the car could feel every bump, crack, and pothole that their car runs over. Many people might wonder if they ever need to worry about replacing the shocks and struts of their automobile. They may want to learn how long these parts are supposed to last and what the signs are when they are not working the way they are supposed to. Signs it is Time to Change a Strut Anyone can check to see if they have a problem with their struts and shocks. The only time they need to be replaced is if they are damaged in some way. One of the most common problems with shock absorbers happens if they start leaking. They are filled with oil, and if this oil leaks out, the shocks and struts will not function properly. This type of pro ... read more



Why You Need a Front End Alignment? part 1

When people go to a mechanic for an oil change or for some other basic maintenance, they may be told that they need a front end alignment. There are two reasons that a person will be told this information. They may really benefit from getting a front end alignment. An honest mechanic will want to make sure that a person’s car is working the way that it should. The second reason that this can happen is because the repair shop wants to add something on to the bill. They will do the work, but it may or may not have been really necessary. In order to know when a repair shop is telling the truth and when they are trying to sell unneeded services, a person needs to understand what a front end alignment is. What is a Front End Alignment? A front end alignment is designed to correct the wheels of the car to make sure they are pointing in the right direction. When the wheels are out of alignment, the car will be more difficult to steer and could ca ... read more

How to Care For Disc Brakes

No one wants to know what happens when the disc brakes on a car fail. Most of the outcomes when this happens are not pleasant. While total failure of disc brakes is not a common occurrence, they do wear down over time. Brakes will not work as well when they are older as they do when they are new. Replacing them is considered one of the maintenance requirements for anyone that owns a car for a significant period of time. Signs that Your Disc Brakes are Going Bad Disc brakes worn by using a pad that presses against the rotor of the wheel. The friction that the pads cause on the rotor will slow the car down. Every time they are depressed, the material of the pads and the rotor will be worn down. If they get to a point where the pads have been completely worn away or if the rotors are damaged, they will not work the way they should and trouble may not be far behind. There are sings to watch for that signal it is time to replace your disc brake ... read more



Why You Need a Front End Alignment? part 3

Every day people are informed by a mechanic that their wheels are out of alignment and that they need a front end alignment. Many of these people will accept the word of the professional and tell them to do the work. Others will be skeptical and will think that they can live with the problem. Instead of ignoring the problem or tossing money into your car without understanding it, it is better to learn why you would need a front end alignment. Front End Alignment Due to Road Hazards It would be nice if the roads that we drive on every day were perfectly flat and always in good repair. The reality is that the roads are full of hazards that cannot always be avoided. One of the most common reasons that people will need a front end alignment is due to the potholes that they drive over. Running through a pothole is a fast way to knock a car out of alignment. There are plenty of other road hazards beside potholes. Curbs, barriers and la ... read more

Why You Need a Front End Alignment? part 2

If you notice that your car is pulling to the right or left, or if you notice uneven wear on your tires, it may be a sign that it is time to get a front end alignment done. A front end alignment is not something that most people can do on their own. It requires a professional mechanic that has the right tools and equipment to do the job the right way. What is Needed for a Front End Alignment? There are many different tools that are used to do a front end alignment. The amount that a car is out of alignment can vary widely. Some cars are very out of alignment. They will pull to one side of the road and the tires will wear very unevenly. Other cars may be only slightly out of alignment. They may not show the obvious signs. The only way to tell for sure is by using tools that can measure the alignment of the car. These tools can detect a problem within a hundredth of an inch. They use computers to get the most accurate measurements. ... read more

What Does a Timing Belt Do?

Unless you have worked on cars, you are probably not aware of what the timing belt does for your car. You may have heard of it, and you may have had one replaced at one time, but you probably don’t know much more except that it is an expensive repair. Instead of just handing over money to the mechanic, it is a good idea to learn what the timing belt does and why it is so expensive to fix. Timing Belt Function A timing belt is made out of rubber. Most cars have a timing belt although there are some that may have timing gears or a timing chain. The belt has a smooth side and a side that includes teeth. The teeth of the belt work to turn the camshaft in time with the crankshaft. The camshaft controls the opening and closing of the valves in the car. The crankshaft helps to turn the pistons. It is important that these things move in proper unison for the car to run correctly. What happens when the Timing Belt Fails? Timing ... read more


Timing Belt

How do I Know If I have a Bad Fuel Pump?

If people knew that the fuel pump of their car was going to break down before it happened, life would be a lot easier. Fortunately, many of the things that can go wrong with a car provide warning signs. The fuel pump is one of the parts that if it is not working, neither is your car. There are also signs that it is not working properly and needs to be repaired before the car quits working. Learning the signs that the fuel pump is about to die will save time, money and a lot of frustration. Signs of a Dying Fuel Pump Listen – When you start the car, the electric fuel pump will also be started. It should make a whirring sound. When you don’t hear that sound, you may have a pump that is bad. Take the time to listen for changes in the way your car sounds when it is started. Load problems – If the car is struggling to handle any extra loads that are in it, whether it is people or if it is something else, it could be because the fuel ... read more


Fuel Pump
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