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Is My Starter Bad?

The starter of your vehicle is one part that helps gets your car started. The starter is turned on by the ignition key which then turns the engine at the same speed to suck fuel and air into the cylinders for compression. When working properly, your starter will “turn over” your engine. This means that it will make the noise that it normally makes when you start up your car. If your car is making this noise but not starting, then the problem is not with your starter but with some other component. The only job a starter does is turn over the engine but there are many other parts and systems that all must work together and play a vital part in the function of your vehicle. The symptoms of a bad starter can reveal themselves in various ways. The following symptoms are the most common issues. Starter Slowly Turning the Engine Over Sometimes a bad starter results in the engine slowly turning over. This is noticeable by the sound of your engin ... read more


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