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Signs Your Vehicles A/C System Is Having Issues | Lorentz Automotive

Signs Your Vehicles A/C System Is Having Issues | Lorentz Automotive

Your vehicle's air conditioning becomes more than a luxury – it's a lifeline in the sweltering heat and chilly days. Yet, what happens when that comfort function transforms into an unresponsive, malfunctioning headache? Your car might be sending signals that its A/C system needs a little care. Unusual Sounds Under the Hood Any unusual sounds emanating from the A/C system are its way of signaling distress. If you notice clanking, squealing, or grinding noises when you turn on the A/C, it's time to pay attention. They could indicate a failing A/C compressor, loose components, or issues within the belt system. Don't let your car's distress calls go unheard – a harmonious A/C system is key to a comfortable ride. Inconsistency in Airflow If your A/C system is playing a game of hot and cold, it might be having probl ... read more

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