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How Often are Tune Ups Needed?

Most people know of the 3,000 mile rule—when you’ve driven about 3,000 miles or for about six months (whichever comes first), it’s time for a tune up.  This includes having an oil change, having the filters replaced, and more.  However, some people ignore this tune up rule, and others have started to question it.  It doesn’t help that manufacturers have introduced the myth that new cars can go 100,000 miles without a tune up. The Spark Plugs Aren’t Everything During Tune Ups What these manufacturers are really talking about is the spark plugs.  New spark plugs made out of more durable materials such as platinum may not need to be replaced during a tune up for 100,000 miles.  However, this is only true for spark plugs.  Things like having your hoses inspected and your filters changed need to be done much more often.  Tune ups still need to occur every 3,000 miles or so. Longer Lasting, but not Invincibl ... read more


Tune Up

Common Parts Replaced During Tune Ups

Getting your vehicle a tune up on a regular basis is a necessity if you want to avoid costly problems later.  But while tune ups have always been a part of the automotive industry, they’ve changed a lot over the years.  Today, some of the common parts that are replaced during a tune up didn’t exist when cars were invented.  Here are some of these common items and why they need to be replaced regularly during a tune up. Preventative Maintenance In many cases, a tune up is done more for preventative maintenance rather than to fix an issue.  Without this regular checkup, something that is a fairly easy fix could turn into a major disaster later.  Sometimes, a tune up will reveal a problem, but often, they don’t.  However, even if your vehicle seems to be running perfectly, there are a few things the mechanic should replace anyway. Spark Plugs The spark plugs are the key component in starting ... read more


Tune Up

Modern Vehicle Tune Ups

It used to be that tune ups were required for every vehicle on the road in order to keep the vehicle operating properly. However, as cars have advanced in terms of technology, so has their needs. Tune ups are now different than they used to be, and involve checking different things. Instead of having to manually adjust settings, most cars have computers for that purpose, changing the purpose behind the tune up. Here are a few things that are important to keep an eye on, next time you’re under the hood of your vehicle. Parts of Modern Tune Ups There are some specific parts of your vehicle that need to consistently be checked during tune ups. The first thing you need to do is check the battery in your vehicle. You need to make sure that it is holding the proper voltage, and make sure that it is charging properly. The voltage is incredibly important when keeping a vehicle maintained due to the internal computer in most modern cars. ... read more


Tune Up
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