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Modern Vehicle Tune Ups

It used to be that tune ups were required for every vehicle on the road in order to keep the vehicle operating properly. However, as cars have advanced in terms of technology, so has their needs. Tune ups are now different than they used to be, and involve checking different things. Instead of having to manually adjust settings, most cars have computers for that purpose, changing the purpose behind the tune up. Here are a few things that are important to keep an eye on, next time you’re under the hood of your vehicle.

Parts of Modern Tune Ups

There are some specific parts of your vehicle that need to consistently be checked during tune ups. The first thing you need to do is check the battery in your vehicle. You need to make sure that it is holding the proper voltage, and make sure that it is charging properly. The voltage is incredibly important when keeping a vehicle maintained due to the internal computer in most modern cars.

You also need to check and make sure the pressure within the engine is at the right psi. During tune ups, you need to be able to make sure that the pressure is at the right spot for your vehicle, and that your engine is able to maintain pressure. If you are losing pressure, or if the pressure is too high, then that is a sure fire sign of trouble within the engine. It could mean anything from head gasket issues to a leaking valve in your exhaust. This is something you should get checked out in order to protect your vehicle.

If you notice that you have a check engine light on prior to, or during, your tune up, then you should run that code as well. This will tell you if there is a specific part of your vehicle’s engine that is not running properly. You could get a code that says your transmission is starting to slip, or you may be told that you need to replace a sensor that will set you back $5 and ten minutes of your time. You never know until you run that code and see what the problem is, if that light is something serious or not.

During a tune up, you also need to check and see what the timing of the idle speed is. This is an important component of your engine. It needs to be checked differently for modern cars, but still needs to be checked. If the idle speed is off, this could be a sign that your motor is struggling. This, also, should be checked out to make sure that you can get the longest life out of your vehicle by repairing problems before they become major issues. You also need to make sure that you check the timing of your vehicle’s ignition during a tune up. This will make sure that you are not having misfires, which could throw your engine out of whack and potentially leave you stranded.

Final Once-Over During a Tune Up

Before the end of your tune up, you should also look over all visible parts of the engine for wear and tear. Check fluid levels, make sure to look at moving parts to make sure they are moving smoothly, check belts for worn areas and tightness, and make sure you do not have any leaks. If you notice any of these being off, then fix them up now before they wreak havoc on your engine.

For more information on how to keep up with the proper tune ups for your specific vehicle, give Lorentz Automotive a call today!


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