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How to Spot a Shady Auto Repair Shop

If you are looking around for an auto repair shop to use, you need to make sure that you are not turning to the wrong place. Shady auto repair shops are, unfortunately, all over the place. So what is it you need to look for? There are quite a few signs that can point to a problem.

Shady Auto Repair Shops Often Use Similar Tactics

If you approach an auto repair shop and the first emotion you feel is fear, you need to turn around. They should not be trying to scare you into hiring them on the spot. If the mechanics are doing their best to frighten you from driving anywhere else before getting something checked, then you need to have red flags going up, and you need to find another auto repair shop.

Another thing to look for in a good auto repair shop is to find certifications up on the wall. If you are looking at an auto shop that has nothing up on the walls aside from grease and tires, or other miscellaneous car parts, then you should turn around and look elsewhere. While a good mechanic does not need a degree, staying current in the field is an important part of running a solid auto repair shop.

If you want to avoid doing business with an auto repair shop that has less than good intentions, then you need to make sure you are asking all of the questions you can think of. Do you want to know where they got their education or experience? Then ask the mechanics. Find out how long the business has been up and running. If you are dealing with a respectable auto repair shop, they will take the time to answer your questions. They may do something else at the same time, but they will make sure to speak with you.

Shady Auto Repairs Can Also Be Stopped By Getting Verification

Another way to avoid dealing with shady mechanics is to ask for your broken pieces of equipment back after the repair. If they took off an old belt and put on a new one, ask them if you can take it with you. If they did the change, they will have no issue with handing you the old part. If they never did the repair, there will be no parts to show for it.

Avoiding a shady auto repair shop can also be as simple as getting everything in writing first. Have the mechanic write down the repairs you will need, and how much each thing is going to cost you. Make sure that a total is at the bottom before you agree to having any work done. If the mechanic tries to charge you more, this leaves you protected from getting charged for more.

One of the easiest ways of being able to avoid dealing with a shady auto repair shop is to find out the specific repairs you need done from your dealer first. If you have a list of the repairs your vehicle needs in hand, then you can go to this shop and compare the two. If there is one or two small things, that is possible that the dealer overlooked it, such as replacing a wiper for your windshield. However, if there are a bunch of new repairs that were not on the list from your dealer, then you need to find a new auto repair shop and stop coming to the old one.

If you need help finding an auto repair shop that you can trust, try giving Lorentz Automotive of Lewisville a call today.


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