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Why a Professional Oil Change is So Important

We've all see commercials or ads that show the average car owner changing their own oil - you may think, can I do that too? While you may think that it would be cheaper and less of a hassle, the truth is that there is much more that goes into an oil change at an auto repair shop. Topping off your vehicle's oil just adds more motor oil, but overtime the oil chamber will become dirty and clogged if it isn't professionally clean, and this can greatly hurt your vehicle's engine. 

When you receive an oil change at Lorentz Automotive, much more is done than just topping off motor oil. An oil change will consist of removing the old oil and then flushing out the entire system. This will clean out the oil chamber and remove any grime and dirt buildup that can cause problems if left unattended. After the system is cleaned, fresh motor oil is put back in.

We will also change the filter, which will allow the oil to flow smoothly through the system. The filter is what catches dirt and debris as oil filters through it. Running your vehicle on a dirty oil filter will actually cause blockage and the oil filtering through will remain dirty. This is never good for vital engine components and the reliability of your vehicle. 

All of these steps are important to the overall health of your engine and the effectiveness of the motor oil system. At Lorentz Automotive, we offer fast and friendly oil change services to our community, and look forward to meeting you soon! 

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