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How to Find a Good Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right auto repair shop is not always easy. If you go to the wrong place, you can end up paying for repairs you did not need, paying for services that are not rendered, or leaving with a car that is not fully repaired. This is not only dangerous, but also against the morals and ethics that most people would have. So what are you supposed to do to find the right auto repair shop for you?

Tips for Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

The first tip is to make sure that you look around for the right auto repair shop when you have time, long before there is a problem with your vehicle. If you are stuck needing a repair, needing to get back to life, and with nowhere else to turn, you may turn to the first auto repair shop you find, just to get back on the road.

Another tip for finding a reliable auto repair shop is to ask people you trust. Those that fall into your social circle will likely be very open to sharing where they have had both good and bad auto repair experiences. If someone was scammed at one shop, they will be open to talking about where to avoid, but on the other hand, if they found the perfect auto repair shop that has proven to be trustworthy, they will tell you where to go.

When you need a good auto repair shop, you need to consider more than just how much things are going to cost you. You need to look at their experience, how they talk to you, how they interact with you, and the type of equipment they have. Don’t necessarily rule out any auto repair shop that does not have fancy degrees to back up the work they do. Experience, especially when it comes to auto repairs, can quickly be of more value than any degree. Just because someone has been shown how to do a repair, does not mean they have the know-how to do it properly until they have done it a time or two.

If you go to a shop that is not talking to you, or showing you where the problem is directly, then you may want to go elsewhere. The more open the place is to showing you the problem, the more you will likely be able to rely on what they have to say. Those auto repair shops that tell you to come back and they’ll check your vehicle for free if you see a problem are often ones you can rely on as well.

If you need help finding the right auto repair shop for your vehicle’s needs, give Lorentz Automotive of Lewisville a call and let us help you find out more!


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