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What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter is a vital component of your vehicle's emissions system. It helps to reduce the amount of pollution that our vehicles are emitting into the atmosphere and makes our vehicles safer to operate overall. It works using a chemical catalyst which helps to convert toxic gases from the engine into less harmful ones before they leave your vehicle.  Before the catalytic converter was installed into vehicles, our cars were emitting mass amounts of pollution into the atmosphere. This change in modern vehicles has made our cars safer and less harmful to our world. If this component isn't working properly, the entire emissions system isn't doing its job. More importantly, this can affect your safety as well. You and your passengers could be breathing in harmful gases, which can be detrimental to your health.  So, how do you know if your catalytic converter is failing? Here are some of the most common symptoms that can indicate a failing catalytic conve ... read more

Lorentz Automotive is Open...A Message About COVID-19

Lorentz Automotive is Open...A Message About COVID-19

We know that our nation is going through a tough time with the sudden and rapid outbreak of COVID-19. We want the valued customers of Lorentz Automotive to know that we remain open and available to assist you with your vehicle's needs. Many members of our society work in essential industries and still require a reliable car to get to work. Many are also relying on their vehicles to get them to the stores for supplies for their families. We need our vehicles to remain working now more than ever!  With many current uncertainties, we want you to know that one thing is certain - that Lorentz Automotive and our employees are here and committed to keeping our staff, our customers, and our customer's vehicles as safe as possible.  Your vehicle is an important part of you, your life and livelihood.  In this special time, we are faced with many uncertainties, but one thing is certain...Lorentz Automotive and its employees are here and committed to keeping ourselves, you ... read more

I Smell Oil in My Car...What Does it Mean?

You've probably experienced a couple moments when you're driving on the highway and suddenly smell oil in your cabin. You may have a slight panic feeling, but then the scent goes away. You look next to you and see an 18-wheeler chugging along - the culprit. However, if you're driving and you smell that oil smell and it doesn't go away, this can be a sign of a serious issue.  Typically, the reason why you are smelling oil in your vehicle's cabin is due to a leak. However, the best way to understand what is happening is by having your vehicle inspected here at Lorentz Automotive. Our professional mechanics can perform a complete vehicle inspection to better understand the issue at hand and how to restore your vehicle back to its best.  The following are some of the most common reasons for an oil smell in your vehicle:  An oil leak that is dropping into the exhaust system. Keep a close eye on your oil dipstick; if your oil is low and you've had yo ... read more

What are the Signs of Needing a Muffler Replacement?

If you've started noticing that your muffler has increased its volume and is starting to become a nuisance, you may wonder if it needs to be replaced. The truth is, whether or not it needs to be replaced depends on the type of noises you hear and other factors.  What does a muffler do? The muffler's job is to absorb sounds and channel away harmful gases from the engine. Additionally, the muffler helps to ensure that there is sufficient power to compress the pistons and rotate the wheels. This will control the speed of the exhaust fumes moving out of your vehicle. When this system doesn't work as it should, your vehicle can stall and also overall fuel efficiency can decrease.  What are the signs of needing a muffler replacement? Here are some symptoms to look out for:  Decreased fuel efficiency Rumbling or rattling noise coming from the muffler Muffler has dropped or is dragging You smell exhaust fumes Holes in the muffler If you do notice any of t ... read more

Top Safety Tips for Driving on New Year's Eve

  It’s time to ring in the New Year, celebrating that another year has passed and hoping that the New Year will bring us all good health and fortune. Many people will be out celebrating the holiday with their loved ones, which is why it is so important to remember to stay safe tonight wherever you plan to be.  If you are planning on driving to a destination tonight to celebrate, be sure to remember the following safety tips which will protect your safety and the safety of others on the road:  NEVER drink and drive. If you are planning on partaking, we suggest not driving at all and getting a ride share or taxi sorted to get you where you need to be. If you do drive to a friends house and partake in drinking, ask to spend the night until morning when you will be safe to drive home. When you drink and drive, you risk taking your own life and the lives of others.  You may want to leave early to get to your destination to avoid heavy traffic in populated areas ... read more

How Do I Know if I Need New Tires?

New tires are definitely a big expense, but luckily aren’t needed too often with good care of your vehicle. The best way to know when your vehicle needs new tires is to keep track of when the last time you had your tires replaced was and to understand the signs that can indicate its time for new tires. Here are some of the signs that it is time to get new tires:  Check the tread on your vehicle. If the tread is very bald, meaning that your tires look smooth rather than rigid, this is a good indication that you need a new set of tires. Tread is what helps your tires make friction with the ground in any weather, which is why a bald tire should be replaced as soon as possible. When’s the last time you had your tires replaced? Knowing when your tires were last replaced is important when understanding when you may need a new set. Tires usually need to be replaced every 6 years, but other factors can be at play that can require tires more frequently. Look for any cracks ... read more

Happy Thanksgiving from Lorentz Automotive!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Lorentz Automotive! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With all the holidays comes lots of travel, so if you are planning a road trip in the near future, we recommend that you check off some important travel measures before you hit the road.  Be sure to have your vehicle inspected by the experts here at Lorentz Automotive before you hit the road. You never want to be caught in a situation where you are stuck without a working vehicle, so guaranteeing that your vehicle is ready for any road trip will keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind on the road.    Pack ample blankets and coats for the road to keep warm if you’re traveling in the cold this winter.    Have an emergency kit on hand in your trunk to help out in cases of emergencies. Some things to make sure you have with you include a spare tire, jack, wrench, flashlight, flares, cell phone charger, and first a ... read more

Why is My Steering Wheel Vibrating?

After years of driving your vehicle, you become accustomed to how it drives in certain conditions, whether driving down residential streets or traveling faster on highways. If you notice that your vehicle starts vibrating during certain times on the road, this may be your car's way of letting you know that something is wrong with your vehicle.  If you do notice that your steering wheel is shaky, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Lorentz Automotive today. Our experts will perform a full vehicle inspection to determine the exact cause of the shaky steering wheel. Be sure to make a note of when exactly your steering wheel is vibrating, whether it happens when you are braking, driving at fast speeds, turning, and more.  Here are some possible reasons why your steering wheel is vibrating:  Warped brake rotors Worn down brake pads Unbalanced tires Suspension problems Loose wheel bearings Steering system problems Any of the issues lis ... read more

Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

Summer is nearing its end, and the season will be changing soon. With fall and winter usually comes more rainfall and wetter weather conditions, which can make driving more tricky. When it comes to driving in the rain, the roads can be slippery and more dangerous. It can also be a lot more difficult to see the road clearly.  Here are some safety tips to remember when driving in heavy rain this upcoming season:  The more important safety measure that you can take when it comes to driving in the rain is making sure that your car is well maintained and up to date on all recommended services. This will help you avoid unwanted car breakdowns and also ensure that your vehicle is ready for the weather changes.  Change your windshield wipers before the rain begins. The heat of the summer can cause the wipers to crack and fray, which can make seeing in the rain difficult. Windshield wipers should be replaced at least once a year.  Inspect your tires for tread. Tires shou ... read more

Why a Professional Oil Change is So Important

We've all see commercials or ads that show the average car owner changing their own oil - you may think, can I do that too? While you may think that it would be cheaper and less of a hassle, the truth is that there is much more that goes into an oil change at an auto repair shop. Topping off your vehicle's oil just adds more motor oil, but overtime the oil chamber will become dirty and clogged if it isn't professionally clean, and this can greatly hurt your vehicle's engine.  When you receive an oil change at Lorentz Automotive, much more is done than just topping off motor oil. An oil change will consist of removing the old oil and then flushing out the entire system. This will clean out the oil chamber and remove any grime and dirt buildup that can cause problems if left unattended. After the system is cleaned, fresh motor oil is put back in. We will also change the filter, which will allow the oil to flow smoothly through the system. The filter is what ca ... read more

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