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What are the benefits of winter tires?

As the winter season commences, it brings about the hazards of snowy highways and slick, slippery roads for drivers in the regions of extreme cold. The risk of a car skidding on an icy road, getting stuck on a snowy ramp, or worse, sliding back from a hilly stop sign can become a reality if your vehicle is not equipped with the proper gear to deal with colder temperatures. Among these gear, the most important are winter tires.

How are Winter Tires Different from Regular Tires?

Most of the cars are supplied with all-season tires nowadays serving the driving purpose well throughout the year, but it is recommended to switch the regular tires of your vehicle to the winter ones in the colder months. This is because, in comparison with all-season tires, winter tires possess some unique qualities that allow a safe and risk-free driving experience on icy roads.


Winter tires are designed for colder climates, so the material used in its composition is made to sustain harsh conditions. It is a form of soft rubber that remains flexible even in a sub-zero environment. This flexibility allows the tire to adapt to the road surface and provide a better hold.

Tread and Traction

The channel of grooves and patterns on winter tires are deeper and wider than those found in regular tires. As a result of this unique anatomy, winter tires offer much better traction on the road. Additionally, these wider channels prevent the retention of snow or water on the tire surface, enhancing its performance.


The incorporation of sipes in winter tires enhances the grip and traction even more. Sipes are extra slits that are cut in the tread of the tire and perform a snow-cutting function to improve grip while steering or braking.

Why should I Invest in Winter Tires?

Winter tires prove to be an excellent investment in the areas of harsh cold weather because of their distinctive properties. While buyers face the issues of higher cost and storage space consumption of the winter tires, these problems are outweighed by the unparalleled benefit of providing safe and accident-free travel. Most insurance agencies offer discounted insurance payouts if the vehicle has all sets of winter tires installed. The special features of the winter tires not only prevent road collisions but indirectly reduces the hospital emergency costs as well.

Road safety remains the topmost benefit and a prime reason to invest in winter tires. It is recommended to install all four winter tires in your vehicle and get proper maintenance regularly. If you need any assistance with winter tires, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today to equip it for safe winter driving!

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