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What are the benefits of winter tires?

What are the benefits of winter tires?

As the winter season commences, it brings about the hazards of snowy highways and slick, slippery roads for drivers in the regions of extreme cold. The risk of a car skidding on an icy road, getting stuck on a snowy ramp, or worse, sliding back from a hilly stop sign can become a reality if your vehicle is not equipped with the proper gear to deal with colder temperatures. Among these gear, the most important are winter tires. How are Winter Tires Different from Regular Tires? Most of the cars are supplied with all-season tires nowadays serving the driving purpose well throughout the year, but it is recommended to switch the regular tires of your vehicle to the winter ones in the colder months. This is because, in comparison with all-season tires, winter tires possess some unique qualities that allow a safe and risk-free driving experience on icy roads. Composition Winter tires are designed for colder climates, so the material used in its composition is made to sustain harsh condit ... read more

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