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Why You Need a Front End Alignment? part 3

Every day people are informed by a mechanic that their wheels are out of alignment and that they need a front end alignment. Many of these people will accept the word of the professional and tell them to do the work. Others will be skeptical and will think that they can live with the problem. Instead of ignoring the problem or tossing money into your car without understanding it, it is better to learn why you would need a front end alignment.

Front End Alignment Due to Road Hazards

It would be nice if the roads that we drive on every day were perfectly flat and always in good repair. The reality is that the roads are full of hazards that cannot always be avoided. One of the most common reasons that people will need a front end alignment is due to the potholes that they drive over. Running through a pothole is a fast way to knock a car out of alignment.

There are plenty of other road hazards beside potholes. Curbs, barriers and large objects that cannot be avoided can all create a need for a front end alignment. Unfortunately, over time, the effects of all the road hazards will take a toll on a car and the front end alignment will be necessary.

Front End Alignment Due to an Accident

If you get into an accident with your car, an alignment may be needed. Even if you do not hit a car head on, you may still have created a problem that needs to be fixed.

Front End Alignment Due to Time

The longer you drive a car, the more out of whack the alignment will get. It is part of the normal wear and tear on a vehicle.

If you feel that you need a front end alignment or if you would like to have your alignment checked by a professional, call Lorentz Automotive today.
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