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Why You Need a Front End Alignment? part 1

When people go to a mechanic for an oil change or for some other basic maintenance, they may be told that they need a front end alignment. There are two reasons that a person will be told this information. They may really benefit from getting a front end alignment. An honest mechanic will want to make sure that a person’s car is working the way that it should. The second reason that this can happen is because the repair shop wants to add something on to the bill. They will do the work, but it may or may not have been really necessary. In order to know when a repair shop is telling the truth and when they are trying to sell unneeded services, a person needs to understand what a front end alignment is.

What is a Front End Alignment?

A front end alignment is designed to correct the wheels of the car to make sure they are pointing in the right direction. When the wheels are out of alignment, the car will be more difficult to steer and could cause serious problems when being driven. Getting a front end alignment will bring the tires back to the correct position and will allow the car to move in the right direction.

Why do People Need a Front End Alignment

There are several signs that your car is out of line and in need of a front end alignment.

  • Uneven wear on the tires
  • Car will pull to the left or the right
  • Using instruments that measure the alignment

What causes the need for a Front End Alignment?

Over time a car may get out of alignment just through normal wear and tear. Other causes that are common reasons for a person to seek out a front end alignment include:

  • Potholes
  • Running over curbs
  • Accidents
In order to know when you really need a front end alignment, learn the signs. When you wonder whether you need a front end alignment, head to Lorentz Automotive today to talk to a professional that you can trust.
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