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Why Cabin Air Filters Are Important

The cabin filter is an often overlooked area of the car because it doesn’t directly impact the drivability of the vehicle. However, it is extremely important for drivers to pay attention to the condition of their cabin air filter as it could affect your comfortability.


A cabin air filter promotes clean air by blocking out contaminants from entering the passenger cabin. It can deter harmful things like dirt, smoke, dust, exhaust fumes, pollen, and more. However, this filter will collect too much over time and require a change.


What Can Happen If You Neglect a Dirty Cabin Air Filter

HEALTH ISSUES - Breathing in unclean air can be damaging to your health. For individuals who are sensitive to dust, pollen, and smoke fumes, it can be horrible. Therefore, you should make a good habit of replacing your cabin air filter as much as you can to ensure that the air you’re breathing in is clean.


OVERWORKED HVAC SYSTEM - When the cabin filter is clogged, the vehicle's HVAC system has to work harder. It can result in a burnt out motor and other complications down the line.


POOR DEFOGGER - Another issue of a clogged air filter is that it can prevent your defogger, or defroster, from working well. Spring rain showers are inevitable in Lewisville, and fog can easily develop with the different temperature changes. A regular change of the air filter will promote good airflow which will enhance the defogger’s performance.


BAD SMELLS - There’s nothing worse than getting into a smelly car everyday. Over time, the dirt and debris that accumulate in the cabin filter can create a displeasing stench. It can make your overall ride very uncomfortable.


If you suspect you have a dirty cabin air filter, please bring your car to Lorentz Automotive today. We will happily change out your car's air cabin so you don’t have to worry about any of the problems above.

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