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When Should I Replace My Struts? Part Two

When a person takes their car in to a mechanic for something that they think is simple, they may soon find out that they have a myriad of things that the mechanic wants to fix like changing a strut or the shocks. Most people rely on their mechanic to give them information that is accurate and correct. They hope that if their mechanic is telling them that something needs to be fixed, that they are being told the truth. That is the hope of people, but it is also the reason that many people spend their life trying to find a mechanic they can trust. The opinion of the mechanic that it is time to replace the struts could be based more on their hope of making money than in providing good service to their customer.

How to Check Your Struts and Shocks

The solution to this problem is to know how to check the struts and the shocks on your own. Most cars do not need to replace their struts or shocks unless there is a problem. The problem can often be the result of running over potholes or overloading the car in some way. If a person feels that their car is not riding as smooth as they think it should, they can perform a fairly simple test to see if the struts and shocks are the problem.

  • Go to all four corners of the car, one at a time
  • Push down on the car and release

When you push down on the car, it should come back up to its original and normal position. If the car bounces back up and continues to bounce up and down, that is a sign that there may be a problem with the shocks and struts. Depending on the corner this happened on, the struts and shocks that have to be inspected further will be known. This would be the time to take it to the mechanic.

When you need help with a strut, shock or any other part in your car, contact Lorentz Automotive for help that you can trust.


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