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When Should I Replace My Struts? Part One

Many car owners probably have no idea what a strut is. The struts and the shocks combine to support the suspension of the car and provide the riders in the car with a smooth and balanced ride. Without these in place, the people in the car could feel every bump, crack, and pothole that their car runs over. Many people might wonder if they ever need to worry about replacing the shocks and struts of their automobile. They may want to learn how long these parts are supposed to last and what the signs are when they are not working the way they are supposed to.

Signs it is Time to Change a Strut

Anyone can check to see if they have a problem with their struts and shocks. The only time they need to be replaced is if they are damaged in some way. One of the most common problems with shock absorbers happens if they start leaking. They are filled with oil, and if this oil leaks out, the shocks and struts will not function properly. This type of problem can be found out if the shocks and struts are inspected. The easiest way to do this is to put the car on the lift to visually inspect it.

Since most people do not have a lift, they need to find other ways to check their shocks and struts. If they notice that their car is bouncing more often or if they feel more of the bumps in the road, it may be time to get the shocks inspected. It is also possible to perform a simple bounce test. By pushing down on the corner of the car, it is possible to notice a bouncing that occurs after pushing the car down. This can not only help spot a problem, it can also help tell what shock and strut needs to be replaced.

To learn more about what a shock and strut does and how they impact your car, contact Lorentz Automotive.


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