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What sound is your car making?

After years or even months of driving your vehicle, you become accustomed to the way that it sounds while driving. You get into your car one morning and start driving, only to hear a strange pinging noise coming from the engine. We know that hearing a strange noise can be stressful, especially when you are unsure if the sound indicates a problem with your vehicle.

As soon as you start hearing something out of the ordinary, it's important to make a mental note of when the sound happens, what it sounds like, and where the sound is coming from. Oftentimes you may also notice that the check engine light has turned on, but not always. When the noises start, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop as soon as you can.

When you come into our shop, be sure to inform our experts about the symptoms that you are experiencing. This will help our mechanics better pinpoint the issue. We will perform a full inspection of your vehicle to find the source of the noise. If the check engine light is on, we can run computer diagnostics to determine the component of your vehicle that is failing and causing the noises.

Here are some common car sounds that you may hear that can indicate a problem:

  • Squealing, screeching, or grinding while braking
  • Sputtering or rattling exhaust noises from underneath the car
  • Chirping or squealing noise from under the hood
  • Humming, growling or roaring noise while accelerating or driving at faster speeds

Regardless of the sound you are hearing, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop for a thorough inspection at the first sign of trouble. We look forward to seeing you!

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