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How to Tell If You Need Suspension Repairs

How to Tell If You Need Suspension Repairs

The vehicle’s suspension system comprises many parts that work together to give you a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. More importantly, it impacts how your vehicle drives and brakes. In fact, poor suspension can decrease your brake distance or time by up to 20%. Therefore, driving with bad shocks and struts can be dangerous. We are here to educate you on how to spot worn suspension parts. 

What Are the Tell-Tale Signs of Bad Suspension?

  • Excess bounciness - especially after driving over bumps
  • Drifting on turns - indicates shocks are not sufficient to hold the vehicle’s body against the force of a turn
  • Uneven tire tread - uneven tire patterns and random bald spots can translate as a result of poor suspension
  • Braking problems - reduced brake time and front end of the vehicle dips when braking
  • Oily appearance on shocks/struts - this happens when the seal is cracked, indicating that they need to be replaced
  • Failed bounce test - try pushing down a corner of your car – if it rocks or bounces up more than once or twice after release, it is time to get suspension repairs. 

The suspension system is often forgotten, and people wait until the symptoms get worse before replacing them. If you can’t tell by the symptoms mentioned above, it can make driving difficult and very dangerous. Therefore, you should regularly have your suspension, including shocks and struts, inspected for wear and tear. Perform the bounce test at home if you have to. It is not worth it to put you and your family in danger. 

If your vehicle feels unstable and requires shocks and struts replacement, please call or visit the automotive experts at Lorentz Automotive today.

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