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How to Care For Disc Brakes

No one wants to know what happens when the disc brakes on a car fail. Most of the outcomes when this happens are not pleasant. While total failure of disc brakes is not a common occurrence, they do wear down over time. Brakes will not work as well when they are older as they do when they are new. Replacing them is considered one of the maintenance requirements for anyone that owns a car for a significant period of time.

Signs that Your Disc Brakes are Going Bad

Disc brakes worn by using a pad that presses against the rotor of the wheel. The friction that the pads cause on the rotor will slow the car down. Every time they are depressed, the material of the pads and the rotor will be worn down. If they get to a point where the pads have been completely worn away or if the rotors are damaged, they will not work the way they should and trouble may not be far behind. There are sings to watch for that signal it is time to replace your disc brakes.

  • Sound – As the brake pads disappear, the car will make a grinding sound when braking. This sound should be obvious and if left uncared for will damage the rotors of the brake.
  • Feel – When you start to have to depress the brake pedal further and further, it is a sign that the pads are wearing out.
  • Smell – If you are scrapping metal on metal because the pads are wearing down, or it could be because the pads are worn out.

No one can prevent disc brakes from wearing out eventually. They can take a few steps that will help the brakes last longer and will keep the car safer to operate.

  • Inspect the brakes regularly – There are many parts to the disc brake system. Make sure they are all working properly by having them inspected on a regular basis. This should be done once a year at the minimum.
  • Don’t Skimp – There are cheaper disc brakes that can be found. You often get what you pay for. Paying a little extra to get ones that last longer is a good investment.
  • Change driving habits – people that brake forcefully will wear out the brakes faster. Give yourself plenty of room to stop and this will be less of a problem.
If you need your brakes inspected or if you are having problems with them, give Lorentz Automotive a call today.


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