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How Often Should You Check and Replace Your Brake Fluid?

Driving a vehicle may be intimidating to maintain for both newbies and the experienced. You may know that your vehicle's most important safety feature is its brakes. And clean brake fluid is necessary to achieve seamless and efficient braking. You should never put off brake maintenance, as failing to change your brake fluid on time can put your life on the line.

How to Check Brake Fluid

Inspecting the brake fluid is a relatively easy task because the tank that carries it is see-through. All you'd have to do is open the hood and locate the transparent reservoir. It would be best if you never opened the brake fluid reservoir unless you plan to replace the solution right away. Leaving the cap open may risk diluting and contaminating the fluid itself. When checking the levels of your brake solution, be sure to take note of its color too. It should be yellow and free of contaminants.

If you notice that your brake fluid looks muddy, low, or has a burnt smell, please bring your car into Lorentz Automotive for a more thorough brake check and service immediately.

How Often Should You Change Brake Fluid

Most automakers have a specific interval for their vehicles' fluid maintenance. The recommendations for changing the brake fluid are available in the car manual. However, it doesn't consider how often you drive and the environment in which you drive in. Therefore, it is not easy to specify the exact timeframe. You should be fine if it is done around the set number of miles. On average, we see vehicle owners coming in to change their brake fluid every 4 to 5 years. 


Millions of people rely on and change their brake fluid to ensure their vehicle is safe to slow down and stop, and you should be no different. If you suspect you need brake fluid maintenance, we welcome you to give us a call or visit our Lewisville auto repair shop today. 

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