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How Often Should I Check My Vehicle’s Air Bags and Why Is It Important?

How Often Should I Check My Vehicle’s Air Bags | Lorentz Automotive

In a world where automotive safety is paramount, there exists a hidden hero lurking within your vehicle - the airbag. But how often should you unveil this protector and inspect it? What's the real scoop behind these silent saviors?

We're about to unravel the mystery of airbag inspections and why they are your clandestine allies on the road.

Why Inspect Your Airbags?

The Unsung Guardians

You're in the midst of a heart-pounding collision, and the unsung heroes, your airbags, burst into action. Their timely deployment is your lifeline, and regular inspections ensure they don't turn into reluctant recluses when the time comes.

Chronicles of Aging

Just like fine wine, your vehicle matures with age. Unfortunately, airbags don't share this luxury. They age differently, potentially weakening over time. Vigilant inspections can spot any wrinkles or signs of fatigue in your airbag's heroic fabric.

Mysteries Behind Panels

Airbags are like secret agents hidden behind the car's facade. This covert existence protects them from the elements, but it also means they can harbor concealed perils from minor accidents or moisture. Regular investigations uncover these clandestine dangers.

When Should You Service and Inspect Airbags?

The frequency of airbag inspections isn't one-size-fits-all; it's more like a tailored suit:

Manufacturer's Whispers

Begin your journey by consulting your car's manual. Manufacturers whisper their secrets about when airbag inspections should occur, and this sacred text can guide you. Typically, it's advised every 2 to 6 years.

Weather Whims

For those in extreme climates – whether it's sizzling summers or freezing winters – consider more frequent airbag check-ups. Extreme conditions can fast-track wear and tear.

Crash Chronicles

If your vehicle has danced with danger in a previous accident, even a tango with a lamppost, it's best to unveil your airbags for a thorough inspection. They might have had a premature curtain call during the impact.

Professional Sleuths

In addition to DIY checks, enlist the expertise of a seasoned mechanic during routine maintenance. They're the Sherlock Holmes of the automotive world, and their keen eye can reveal secrets your airbags might be keeping.

Keep your airbags in good condition and remember that they will only be used once - the only time it matters. Contact us at Lorentz Automotive and get your airbags checked today!


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