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How Does a Car Heater Work?

Most people don’t know this, but the cooling system is closely tied to your heating system or car heater. So when you show up to Lorentz Automotive for heater diagnostics and repairs, you can bet on us to inspect and test cooling system components. Our auto repair shop can ensure your heater helps you stay warm this season.

Instead of making warm air, your car uses the excess heat drawn away from the engine to warm up your cabin. The cooling system is responsible for this task, which is why it works together with the heater core. This component is essentially a radiator. It helps circulate coolant and produce warm air for your car cabin. 

Along with the heater core, coolant fluid is necessary to absorb the heat from the engine. It wouldn’t be possible without the water pump either. The pump is responsible for transporting the coolant fluid, or antifreeze mixture. The thermostat in the cooling system is responsible for letting coolant into the engine when it gets too hot. Now you know the bigger picture of the heating system. When any of these parts fail, it can cause your car heater to stop working.

Because the engine burns air and fuel to power your car, it gets very hot. What better way to eliminate the heat than to re-purpose it? So next time you turn on your vehicle’s heater, don’t forget about the intricate process that your vehicle goes through to bring heat into the cabin. 

Moreover, if you want your heat to stay on this winter, don’t forget to have your cooling system inspected and serviced. At Lorentz Automotive, we can inspect the entirety of the cooling system and heating system. We can even flush your coolant if it looks dirty. 

If your heater is blowing cool air, instead of warm, we invite you to bring your car to Lorentz Automotive. Please give us a call or schedule your appointment online at your convenience.

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