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How do I Know If I have a Bad Fuel Pump?

If people knew that the fuel pump of their car was going to break down before it happened, life would be a lot easier. Fortunately, many of the things that can go wrong with a car provide warning signs. The fuel pump is one of the parts that if it is not working, neither is your car. There are also signs that it is not working properly and needs to be repaired before the car quits working. Learning the signs that the fuel pump is about to die will save time, money and a lot of frustration.

Signs of a Dying Fuel Pump

  • Listen – When you start the car, the electric fuel pump will also be started. It should make a whirring sound. When you don’t hear that sound, you may have a pump that is bad. Take the time to listen for changes in the way your car sounds when it is started.
  • Load problems – If the car is struggling to handle any extra loads that are in it, whether it is people or if it is something else, it could be because the fuel pump is not providing enough gas to manage the extra load.
  • Slow acceleration – When you push down on the gas, you expect the car to move faster. If you have a problem accelerating it could be because the fuel pump is malfunctioning.
  • Hesitation – When the fuel pump does not supply a consistent amount of fuel, the car will hesitate at times.
  • Gauges – If a person happens to have access to a fuel pressure gauge, they can check the pressure of the fuel pump. A low reading means that it could be time for a replacement.
  • Will not start – If you are trying to start the car to no avail, there could be plenty of things wrong. If the car is trying to turn over, it could be because the pump is not providing enough fuel to start the car.

The role of the fuel pump is to make sure that the gas gets from the gas tank to the engine. When it is working properly, a car will run smoothly and it will not cause a problem.

If you are experiencing problems that could be caused by a fuel pump, please call Lorentz Automotive today.


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