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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Having a car makes you feel proud. Each car requires proper handling to provide the comfort and durability you desire. Some driving habits seem fun until you have to go back into your pocket to pay the high price of repairs.

Here is a list of bad driving habits and how to prevent them.

Neglecting your fuel tank: To save money, you may occasionally fill only a small amount of gas.While it might save you money, it'll kill your car. A car's fuel pump works best when filled with liquid fuel—running your engine on low diesel damages the fuel pumps. Don't start your car when it's almost out of gas. It'll damage the ignition system.

Speed Switching from Reverse to Drive: Sudden changes in direction while speeding up the shift from reverse to drive can be hard on your car's transmission system. To keep your car's transmission from getting damaged, stop and put it in the right gear.

Ignoring dashboard warning lights: Please don't ignore the warning lights. Instead, check on your car's airbag, engine light, coolant, and battery. Dashboard lights indicate your car is ready for a checkup. Failure to address the warning will leave you with irreversible damage to your engine.

Overloading your car: Overloading makes your car lose stability. Imbalance affects how you drive and how well your car works. Heavy loads add stress on your brakes, engines, and suspension, increasing maintenance costs. Avoiding excessive loads on your car is basic preventive maintenance.

Braking while driving downhill: Your car may accelerate at a higher speed while going downwards. You feel the urge to apply the brakes. Downhill braking produces a lot of heat around your brakes.

Speeding on bumps and potholes: Bumps and potholes require a slow drive. Speed bumps are there to keep drivers and people on foot safe. Potholes spoil your car's suspension, steering, and alignment when you drive at high speeds.

Keeping your car in good shape is easy. Just put in a little work and learn a few driving tricks. When you get behind the wheel again, make sure you are observant.

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