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Having Difficulties Starting Your Car? It's Probably Your Battery or Alternator

There's nothing more annoying than hopping into your car, putting the key in the ignition, just to be taken aback that your car won't start. This happens to everybody at one point or another in the journey of car ownership. Your first thought should be: is it the battery or alternator? Here are several common reasons why your car won't start (and how to fix the problem).


Battery Issues

The first thing that most people blame when their vehicle doesn't start is the battery. While the length of battery life varies from one car to another, most automobile battery makers suggest changing out your car battery every 4-5 years.

There are a couple of signs that your battery is on the verge of dying:

  • It has been at least five years since you've had your battery replaced.
  • Your engine is slow to start.
  • You need to jump-start your car every time.
  • You hear a clicking sound when turning your key.
  • Interior/exterior lights do not work when starting the vehicle.

Alternator Issues

Because the alternator is closely connected with the battery, many drivers often confuse the two. You may be having issues with your alternator if your car starts and then dies shortly after. If you manage to get your vehicle started but notice problems with interior lights and gauges, the alternator may be the culprit. The symptoms of alternator issues are very similar to battery issues, which is why it is highly recommended that you get a proper diagnosis from a professional.


There are other less common issues that can prevent your car from starting. Some examples are:

  • Bad ignition switches - broken connections or burnout
  • Failed starters - malfunction or failure
  • Fuel system issues - malfunction or blockage
  • Faulty connections - loose or corroded cables


It will probably be tough for the average person to figure out why your car isn't starting on your own. Taking your vehicle in for service with a certified mechanic is the next best step to take. Our expert team at Lorentz Automotive can provide you with a diagnostic and assessment of what's causing the issue. If you require service right away, feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto service center today!

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