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What Does the Color of My Exhaust Smoke Mean?

What Does the Color of My Exhaust Smoke Mean?

A vehicle that is experiencing internal problems may display various sorts of symptoms. Sometimes warning signs can come in different forms of noises, vibrations, smells, or even colorful exhaust smoke. Your emissions can be very telling on what's happening inside your car. The gas you see spew out of your tailpipe can be different colors: black, white, blue. Here's what they may indicate: Black Exhaust Smoke Thick clouds of dark grey or black smoke coming out of your pipe can only mean one thing: your car is running too much gas. This means that your vehicle is overusing fuel to make the engine run. One of the most common reasons behind this problem is a clogged air filter. Whatever the origin is, there is an improper air and fuel mixture. As a result, you may see a loss in fuel efficiency. White Exhaust Smoke A cooling system leak that makes its way to the engine can emit large, white clouds of smoke. Your engine should not burn anything besides gas. In addition to this a ... read more

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