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What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

What Is a Transmission Rebuild?

Repair, rebuild, or replacement are usually your three options if you're experiencing issues with your car's transmission. Once a professional technician evaluates your vehicle and concludes that a fix is not enough, they typically recommend a transmission rebuild. Examples of When a Repair May Not Work When the extent of the damage is excessive: If more than a couple of parts are impacted and need to be removed and replaced, it may be better off for you to replace a portion of the entire transmission. You are servicing your transmission more often: If you've had your transmission repaired multiple times in a short amount of time, it's a clue that you may need more than a simple fix. In some cases, the cost of those repairs may have already cost you more money than if you were to rebuild or replace the transmission. You're hearing grinding noises: If you hear scary noises when shifting gears, it usually points to a problem with your transmission's gear synch ... read more

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