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Monthly Archives: January 2020

What are the Signs of Needing a Muffler Replacement?

If you've started noticing that your muffler has increased its volume and is starting to become a nuisance, you may wonder if it needs to be replaced. The truth is, whether or not it needs to be replaced depends on the type of noises you hear and other factors.  What does a muffler do? The muffler's job is to absorb sounds and channel away harmful gases from the engine. Additionally, the muffler helps to ensure that there is sufficient power to compress the pistons and rotate the wheels. This will control the speed of the exhaust fumes moving out of your vehicle. When this system doesn't work as it should, your vehicle can stall and also overall fuel efficiency can decrease.  What are the signs of needing a muffler replacement? Here are some symptoms to look out for:  Decreased fuel efficiency Rumbling or rattling noise coming from the muffler Muffler has dropped or is dragging You smell exhaust fumes Holes in the muffler If you do notice any of t ... read more

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