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5 Reasons Why Drivers Should Read Their Owner's Manual

Few drivers take the time to read their car owner's manual until there is a problem. It is good practice to read and be familiar with the manual as it contains valuable information that you may need in the case of a breakdown.

Operating Instructions

Key features of your car are contained in the operating instructions. Using the windscreen wipers at the right settings or learning how to activate Bluetooth controls are important features to note before you set off on your maiden voyage. This will help you to avoid taking your eyes off the road at crucial moments.

Vehicle Maintenance

You will find an engine overview and maintenance instructions in the owner's manual. You can learn how to do your basic jobs such as how to check engine oil, replace filters, adjust headlights and replace bulbs. It may also provide a maintenance schedule and when to replace certain parts such as spark plugs.

Warning Lights

Sometimes, a warning light is a catalyst to open your manual for the very first time. The manual shows all the warning symbols and what they mean in a brief description. This will help you to decide whether you can go ahead and repair something minor yourself or whether it is a job for your local auto repair shop.

Setting up Features

The manual will help you set up your infotainment features such as integrating your phone and working the onboard navigation. You don't want to start fumbling with the navigation on a busy motorway or trying to figure out how to answer a call whilst changing lanes.


The manual will go over your warranty cover. You will find out a detailed list of the parts covered under warranty and also what parts are not covered.


The manual will provide instructions for jumpstarting your car and operations for working the hazard lights in case of a roadside emergency. This knowledge is invaluable should you find yourself stranded at the roadside.

Once you are familiar with your owner's manual service schedule, we would like to invite you to bring your vehicle to Lorentz Automotive today for your routine vehicle service!

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