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4 Ways to Have Fun with Your Car This Summer

Summertime is known to be a time of adventures and relaxation, but some of us aren’t ready to take that risk of traveling yet. However, there are still plenty of fun and Covid-free things to do in your car this summer. Here are four fantastic ways to have fun with your car this summer: 

Get Ice Cream 

Having delicious scoops of ice cream is a quintessential activity that can be done almost anywhere. Choose a local creamery and head on over with the family. Most importantly, don’t forget the sprinkles! 

Go Stargazing 

If you have a convertible or wide panoramic roof in your car, this activity is perfect for you. Check the local news to scope out when the next meteor shower or celestial event is happening. Additionally, there are also plenty of stargazing apps that can help you map out the sky. Head outside of the bright-lit city and enjoy the beautiful views. 

Go to a Drive-In 

Drive-in theaters may seem outdated, but there are still plenty of them today. You and your family can enjoy movies, old or new, in a completely different environment. Any and every car is welcomed at drive-in theaters.


Wash the Car 

By washing your car, you can get this dreadful chore done while simultaneously getting a cool-down from the blazing summer heat. This activity is another great one to do with your family. Plus, you will have both a great sense of accomplishment and a shiny, new car once you are done. 

Before you embark on any of these summer activities, make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition. Have the peace of mind your car is running at peak performance by getting it serviced through our team at Lorentz Automotive in Lewisville, TX.

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