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What Is The Cooling System Comprised Of

Your vehicle's engine runs pretty hot because of all the explosions happening inside of it. This is the reason why there is a cooling system that keeps everything at a certain temperature. But what does the cooling system exactly consist of? In this blog, we will take a look at all the components you will find in a cooling system. 


The cooling fluid is usually filtered water and antifreeze (which keeps the water from freezing). It runs in a closed loop through the whole system. Now that you know what coolant is, let's move on to the components themselves.

Engine Block

The engine block is the biggest part of your engine. It's made out of metal, which is great at dissipating heat. The block is built in such a way that the coolant can get all throughout it, so cooling is maximized. Watch out for coolant leaks inside the engine that can be detected by either exhaust smoke or constantly low coolant levels.

Water Pump

From the engine, the fluid is pumped through the system by a water pump. It's a simple pump that is either powered by electricity or by an auxiliary belt. 


Pipes connect the whole system and make the transfer of fluid possible. After the engine block, it travels through pipes to the radiator. Make sure you check the connections regularly because leaks are common and can lead to problems.

Radiator And Fan

After it has been pumped out of the engine block, the coolant is directed to the radiator. Here it is cooled by going through thin metal pipes, which are great at heat absorption. There are fans that blow cold air from the outside to assist the radiator.

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